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Friday, November 4, 2011

October's festivities!!

We decided to make this kind of like a journal so sorry if this is too long to read.

October has been a very eventful month. We have been trying really hard to stay active and have been having a lot of fun doing it. To start us off was General Conference, we got a cable and ran it from our computer to our new TV (which we sadly had to return) so we were able to watch it live on a big screen and it worked great. The kids had a hard time sitting through it, but one of our friends made the a little conference kit and it kept them entertained at least some of the time. When the Tabernacle Choir sang Avenlea would stand up and “Sing” along with them, she was very into it. J We then went over to our friend’s house for a BBQ. We had a lot of fun playing games and eating good food.

Because it is so hot here in Texas, the grass dies unless you water it. So we have been trying really hard to revive our Lawn and every time we turned on the sprinklers all the kids would somehow end up soaked, but because it was so hot it was one of our fun outside activities that helped us handle the heat.

A little further into the month we became very busy, and have felt the full effect of a Master’s program. Matt has been gone most night’s attending class, group projects, doing homework, attending Membership get-togethers, and working. So The ones at home have had to come up with our own activities to subdue the missing of our father/husband. As sad as it has been without him we were able to do some fun things. We made Vampire Suckers, Hand Print Autumn Tree’s, Felt Bats, and many trips to the park that is just down the road, where we play “Captain” pretending that the playground is our ship and there are sharks in the water/woodchips.

Talia has been having a lot of fun at school she went on a fieldtrip to a place called Dewberry Farms, where she went on a hayride, picked out a small pumpkin, and did other fun fall activities. We had a parent teacher conference and her teacher says she is doing very well. She also got a thing that they call a “brag” a brag is a thing that you get when the teacher has noticed you doing good things, Talia was the first in her class to receive a brag and she was so excited.

Aerom and Avenlea have been a lot better at playing together and saying funny things. Aerom has been a big help. He has been a protector of Avenlea and helps her with EVERYTHING even when he shouldn’t J(like climbing cupboards) He will do things without hesitation, like cleaning his assigned room, and putting things away when he is told. He has also gotten in the habit of saying “you ruined Christmas!” And it still cracks us up to hear him say it. He is also SO cute in primary, and will sing outloud randomly (in a good way and not obnoxiously loud) and makes all the teachers smile.

Avenlea has been growing way too fast. It has been fun to see her talking up a storm but also sad to think of how fast she is growing. She will be at bawling her head off and when we say you need to be happy she will stop crying immediately and say “HAPPY NOW!!” It is SO cute. Avenlea also went to Nursery the whole time by herself the last week in October. Let’s just see if we can repeat that again.

Halloween was really fun. We did the trunker treat and and then a surprise birthday party for a friend on Saturday and then trick-or-treating on Monday. It was so nice, to not have to worry about freezing. We walked all through our neighborhood and the kids had a blast. We then got pizza and watched a “scary” movie (for kids).

They do a fill the Temple week twice a year in our ward. So I took Aerom and Avenlea and we went up to the Temple with my Visiting teacher and her kid while the rest of our kids were in school. They have a little room off of the Temple where you can take the kids and so we just swapped babysitting and she went in to do initiatories while I watched the kids and then we swapped. I was so glad I got to go, with someone and it was nice to get out of the house.

One thing that I thought I would share. As you might already know I was called as Primary Pianist. A few months back I decided to practice the primary songs because I loved seeing my Mom in primary and I wanted my kids to have that experience as well. However, I didn’t think that it would be that soon. When I was called I was really stressed about learning all the songs before the next week. So I was practicing and practicing, I then got a call from the Primary president saying that the primary program was in 3 weeks and felt that they should keep the Sister that had been practicing with them. I was relieved. So I was able to practice for three more weeks and become more prepared. Although I have a ways to go I knew that I wouldn’t have been ready the three weeks previous and it was a huge reminder that Heavenly Father has us in mind. I don’t know of many people that get a calling three to four weeks before they actually start their calling. I know that I needed more and preparation and I am so grateful for leaders that follow the promptings of the spirit. (The Primary program went well and Aerom and Talia were the cutest kids on the stand and remembered their parts perfectly.)

We are looking forward to the holidays and hope that our adventures will continue to be as fun and entertaining as they have thus far. We love you all.

(Avenlea is a scandalous witch the Velcro sometimes came undone. )

Avenlea's new thing. I would do this when I wanted them to put their shirt on so they would give me a kiss and I would then throw the shirt over their head. So Avenlea's new thing she won't let us dress her but she has to kiss us through the shirt before putting it on, she will follow us around the house till we kiss her. This is her following Matt and he was able to get a snapshot. Yes!Our pumpkins

Avenlea new she was in trouble for getting into the costume make up. This is her I'm in trouble face.
Trunk-or-Treat decorations

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our life in Texas so far.

We have really enjoyed hearing about everyone's experiences back home, and thought that we should try to be better with our own updates.
For Matt, school has been going really well, he is busy but enjoys his classes because they pertain to his field in which he is going into, instead of all of all the random prerequisites that are required in an undergrad. Matt has also been called as the 1st counselor in the Sunday School presidency, which is really nice because it doesn't take much of his time so he won't be too busy out side of Church.

Jaime has been busy at home. Our Ward has a Mommy and Me group on Tuesday's as well as a Music Makers music class every Friday for Toddlers and preschoolers, they also have a lot of field trips planned throughout the year, one in which they will be going to the Kyle Field Texas A&M's football stadium, along with a lot of other really fun outings for Mom's to do with their kids. Jaime has recently been called as the Primary Pianist. She is really nervous but Really excited as well.

Talia is having so much fun in school, she loves her class and she enjoys learning. They get to bring a book home from the Library every Monday and she has been trying to read everything she can, which has been really fun for us to see her grow. She loves the structure at school and has a lot of friends. She comes home and teaches Aerom and Avenlea things she has learned and it is fun to here her try to say words like "Y'all" and "howdy" and "yes Ma'am" it doesn't come natural but you can tell she thinks its pretty cool, because we will catch her trying to say things in a southern accent.

Aerom just had a birthday! He is now 4. We went to the Zoo and got an annual pass that also has a lot of good discounts for other sites to see all over Texas, as well as other good perks. We went to the Zoo on "Enrichment Day" which is where they give the animals enrichment so they are more active for everyone at the Zoo Aerom had a really good time, and thought it was really excited to see one of the Jaguars trying to figure out how to get a dead chicken from off of a pole and then finally climb up the pole and get his meal. Aerom got a Bike for his birthday and he loves that he now has a big bike like Talia. Aerom has a lot of fun in his Sunbeam class. His teachers are really fun and good at helping him have a good experience.
Avenlea is as cute as ever. She is talking up a storm, and becoming smarter everyday. Her new thing is clothes. She loves to get dressed and won't except help she will always say "do it my elf", she with then get undressed and then change into something else and then repeat this over and over again throughout the day. We don't mind as much except when she gets each one dirty and then we have a lot of unnecessary laundry. :) Avenlea loves to sing, she doesn't quite get in every word but she is always singing and for the most part you can pick up what she is saying. She doesn't love nursery yet. We really hope that things with calm down for her but her whole experience of nursery, Jaime has been the Nursery Coordinator so she hasn't had to go by herself. So it has been a little bit of a struggle.
All in all we have had a really good experience here. We have tried to do all that we can to make friends and make this a home, and so far I think we have been able to do that, even though we are far away from the ones we love . We have seen the lords hands in our lives in so many ways, we are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and to have family where ever we go because we have the church. More than ever Church is a place of refuge, it is nice to know that no matter where you go the gospel is the same, and the people believe the same things. We hope to be better at this blog thing so that people will know whats going on with us. We appreciate the love and support we feel from everyone. Thanks for the prayers. Love y'all.

p.s. they don't have any good breads here. They are all so dry, so we have taken up making bread here. the first two were with old yeast and they were bricks. We then got new yeast and whalah! delicious yumminess! go Jaime!

And there's nothing like homemade jam to go with our bread ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our First Blog

Well...Since we are moving away and are being threatened by not having a blog, we thought we would try to work out the kinks and figure this thing out before we go so that if we just plain suck, we can get help...we need a lot of that.

Obviously this is Matt writing, not Jaime, if you know anything about us at all, you would know that is obvious.

p.s. So if it looks retarded just respond or whatever you do on these things and we will do what we can.