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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crazy, fun life.

 This past little while has been a bitter sweet time. We love the fall, and all the festivities that go along with it, however, it has also been quite stressful. We have been going through a fellowship application process, and in the end we have applied to about 25ish places. However, as stressful as the situation has been, we have had some amazing faith building moments as well as prayer answering, and comforting moments. I know Heavenly Father loves me and although I never doubted that, I have definitely felt his love for not only me but for Matt, and our sweet children as well. I am amazed and humbled at the small(as well as big) reliefs he gives us in our lives.

 This is our sweet Talia on her first day of school. She loves school, and she is doing really well. At her parent teacher conference her teacher told me that she is the equivalent to a 2nd grader. I was proud of her for being so excited to learn, and grow. She loves to teach Aerom and Aevenlea too. Whether they are retaining the information I am not sure, but it is still fun to see her put her education and excitement for it to use.

It was Matt's first day of school too. He didn't want to take the picture but I made him. :)

 This is our new favorite family activity. We were so grateful to Matt's parents for helping us get our bike back together so we could enjoy the outdoors a little more. We finally got Avenlea a little Seat to go on the back of Matt's bike and so now our whole family can get out and get our blood pumping a little bit.

This fall Matt was able to play on a tag football team with some of his colleagues. I put the little picture of Aerom and Avenlea, because they have become really close this year. They would play before, but now that Talia is in school, and Avenlea is old enough to pretend and interact more, they have become really good friends. 

So on pinterest there was a recipe for Butterbeer Cupcakes. They looked and sounded so good that I wanted an excuse to make them, so kind of for Aeroms Birthday I decided to do a Harry Potter night. So in doing this, we rode our bikes out to a little wilderness by our house, and we searched the woods for some good wands. The kids had fun searching and picking out which ones they wanted.

After we got our wands, we went home and made the delicious ButterBeer Cupcakes. Girls were in charge of the Cake part and boys were in charge of the filling and frosting.

They didn't turn out as pretty as the ones on pinterest, but they tasted AMAZING! After we finished the Cupcakes, we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone. It was really fun, because Matt and I hadn't seen it in a while and it is fun enough that the kids actually really enjoyed it too.

On Aerom's birthday Matt couldn't be there that night, so he made sure he woke up early and made him breakfast in bed.

Because we couldn't do much on Aerom's birthday I decided to take him to Chick-fil-A. I love spending one on one time with my kids, and they love it too. So we got our food and we chatted, and when Aerom was finishing his food, he said "Mom, we don't have to go yet do we?" It was so cute. So I went and ordered him a Oreo Shake, and they said they would bring it out to us. When I got back to the table he said "What did you tell them." I told him "You'll see" When they brought it out, his face was just beaming. Aerom is our shake boy. A little while ago he got a minor case of Hand Foot and Mouth disease. It wasn't too bad but it made it so he couldn't eat anything with substance. So for those few days I made him Ice cream shakes, which he loved. So from then on he always asks me "Mom, can you make me a shake like you did when I was sick." I love my 5 year old Aerom Boy!

Matt rough housing with the kids.

 Aerom opeingin presents. And then Avenlea in the box.

 General Conference. The kids had fun playing bingo, and eating candy when certain words were said. 

This is at the Trunk-or-treat. We were watching some of our friends kids from our neighborhood  while they went to a Ball. We rented a movie and had a sleepover the kids loved it.

The kids wanted to work like their dad, so they decided to "fix" their bikes.

Carving Pumpkins!!

The picture of Talia on the bottom right is her dressed up like Ella Enchanted. For school they are suppose to dress up like a book character which normally would be fine except she wanted to be a vampire for Halloween and I couldn't think of a kids book with a girl vampire in it. So we improvised.  

Halloween Night!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Vacation part 2.... Butler clan REUNITE!!!!!

 I love that when we get together with family, it's like nothing has changed.  We revert back to our crazy, shameless, selves and everything is right with the world. Because of all the fun that we had, I didn't get as many pictures of the different things that we did, but the few things we did take pictures of, we took a lot for those events. It was so fun to see my family most after 7 months and others after 2 years. I love my family and I loved spending time with them. Here are a few things that we did, as well as a little insight into the crazy world of the Butler clan.

One of the biggest things I was looking forward to, was some girl time with the girls. When we get together we get a little crazy, but we have SO much fun together. It is awesome having sisters. I love the built in friendship that we have, so no matter where we go, or how long we are away, when we get together, it is always comfortable and fun. 

This is all of the Husbands getting away from our intensity. :)

It was so fun to see all the grandchildren in one house. The top left is me and Kelly trying to get on Tatcher's good side. We kind of freaked him out when we both started screaming cause Kim had just gotten there. Eventually he warmed up and the kids started playing immediately. Talia and Avenlea were drawn to Linden, and Aerom and the Boys were drawn to the toys:) 

 I came in and Ryan, Kelly and Trevor (Kelly's Husband) were laying on the bed, so I thought I would join the party... it was a little awkward. :)  and then we haveMatt and Avenlea sleeping I couldn't not put this picture on.

 All the Butler grand kids (besides Avenlea) and Rachelle's (my best friend/cousin) kids. 

 Salem days is one of the things we always did growing up. We would wake up early and go have breakfast at the park. And then later that morning go to the Parade, (which was always the best parade, in my opinion) and then we would go to the pageant and fire works in the evening. We weren't able to attend all of the festivities, but we did manage to go to the fireworks (which are also the best firework my opinion) Here we are looking at the fireworks at Grandma Arlis's for Salem Days.

The big Butler tradition, breakfast up the canyon. Our family isn't too keen on the whole camping idea, but we LOVE the mountains so instead of camping we would head up to the mountains with Dads grill and have breakfast, we have been to many places but our favorite site is up Santaquin canyon called Trumbolt.

This is Dad cooking. Dad is one of my favorite cooks. If you give this man a potato he can do so many things with that potato that make it the best tasting potato you have ever tasted. A side from breakfast, he also made some mean Onion rings which to this day are the best I have ever tasted, and I am not usually a fan of onion rings, but his are to die for. Some other things we were able to enjoy were roshti(sp) these are like glorified hash browns only oh so much better. Dad is always trying new things, and I am yet to see a failed attempt. I love Dad's cooking!

Matt and the kids, and Kalin building a fire. If there is a fire around you can be sure to find Matt. (he is such a pyro:)

Everyone chatting and enjoying the outdoors. Aerom poking the fire with a stick and Hudson poking Kelly with a Lightsaber.

Aerom and Granny Janny playing in the river. :)

Kelly snitching food as usual, every family has a snitch.... Kelly is the snitch in ours. :) and then we have Kalin looking so buff. :)

 The three Hooligans, Tatcher, Braylon, and Avenlea, will all be in the same grade in school. It was fun to see them play together. Zoom in on Gavin, just chillin'.

I was so happy to spend some time with my Mom. The week before everyone got there, Mom, Kalin, Ryan, and I stayed up late and chatted about life and old memories. It was so nice.

After Breakfast, We drove the Santaquin loop with Mom and Dad. This was one of my favorite things. It was beautiful weather, and the scenery was amazing. 

Aerom couldn't get up, so in this picture you see him trying and then falling then me trying to help him up, then me falling with him.... then finally the end result.

 Asleep with the kids, but then Kalin, being Kalin

Family Pictures!!!!

Hiking the Grotto up Payson canyon.

Ryan splashed Kelly and me and so we are mad... can you tell?

Still mad with Ryan in the back ground.... and then just goofing off

This is us at Grandma Arlis's house. I have been interested in my family history so I asked her if I could come over and look at some of her old scrap books. And let me just say how amazing my grandma was at her keeping up on her genealogy. She has so many interesting things and it was so fun to look through pictures and read about my ancestors.

Kids eating watermelon with grandpa.

This was the girls day out for Punci's birthday. We went to lunch at the brick overn, and shopping. This was a very much needed day and it was so awesome.

There were a few nights that we were able to stand around the piano and sing, once with the boys and once with the girls. Just the other day Kelly asked me if I had any experiences where good music influenced my life.  It was nice to be able to reflect on that question, and in the end, I realized that one of the biggest reasons I am who I am today are because of the power of music, and the spirit it brings into my heart. I am so grateful for parents that helped me to see that.  I love my family. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with them. I love the fun that we have, and even though there was a lot to do over our full Vacation, the best part was just visiting with all of our loved ones. We are so blessed to have the families that we do, and so blessed to see them grow. We are so blessed to have parents that raised us well, so that we can be an eternal family.