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Monday, January 23, 2012

November, December, January.

Cheers!!! To one semester of Graduate school under our belt and going strong.... ok this picture is actually Avenlea crashing a romantic evening that Matt surprised me with. He brought home some bubbly and chocolate. We split it three ways. :) Check out Avenlea's hair.

Our little Talia turned 6 on January 10th, it was kind of sad in a way because instead of the usual "I want Barbies or toys." it was "I want play make up and jewelry" So she got a jewelry box with all those things in it. She was so excited, and about an hour after receiving this stuff, she came up to me and was crying. So I asked what was wrong and she said "I just love it so much and it makes me so happy." A VERY different reaction than I ever expected.

We are kind of doing this backwards but oh well, we were able to go visit our new nephew Logan while on our Christmas vacation. I know it's probably just cute babies but the baby itch is here, and hitting with full force. All of our siblings have either had a baby or going to have one, except us. Thank goodness for birth control.

Hiking, Family pictures, playing golf, and feeding ducks with the Butler's over Chirstmas vacation. Gotta love St. George in the winter. "not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."

Grandpa took the kids out to an 18 whole putting green. The kids had a lot of fun and were actually surprisingly very well behaved for being on the green. However, near the end Aerom and Avenlea couldn't stay away from the fine red sand.

We tried to feed the ducks but they just kept eyeing us while we threw in all our bread. We sat patiently, but after all the bread was thrown into the water and the ducks never came, we decided to go. Only then did they all come over, it was pathetic. (We stayed for a good 15 minutes this wasn't a dump and run)

Christmas dinner, Kelly and Mom planned a multiple course meal with REALLY good food. It was a fun end to our wonderful Christmas.

Christmas morning

Picking our Christmas tree. While we were looking for a tree Matt and I were debating between two trees. We were critiquing and discussing, when I turned around Avenlea had stripped down to her diaper. I think we successfully got them back on with out anyone seeing thank goodness.

Talia at her Turkey sing off.

In the middle of November the mommy and me group went on a little field trip to the Blue Baker, where they showed them how they make bread. They then gave each of the kids their own ball of dough with white and dark chocolate chips, raisins, and craisins and let the kids make their own bread.

Note: We did do a lot of fun things with Matt's family. Our camera broke and we didn't have a camera. They were so nice and gave us a camera for Christmas. We did a fun nativity, went to the festival of lights, saw Sherlock Holmes, played many games and had a lot of great visits, oh and don't forget the multiple fourwheeler rides:) We love our families and how awesome they are.


  1. Fun pictures! Fun times! Fun memories! We did so enjoy your visit at Christmas! I'll have to send you some pictures we took......when I find my camera! It's lost right now.....

  2. I love when you guys post stuff!
    Also, i miss you guys
    also, christmas was bomb

  3. Love the pictures! You guys are such a cute family, we miss you but are so glad we got to hang out over the break! When you guys next see Logan, he will be fat and bald, because that's the way he's trending right now:)