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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Beautiful Winter

I have to start off by saying how amazing this winter has been. We have really enjoyed the weather and how beautiful Texas is. Wild flowers are popping up everywhere and we have been able to go to parks and play outside in T-shirts and shorts.

In February we were able to get out our wonderful little grill and spend an evening playing games and eating good food.

After eating, the kids wanted to help Dad pick the weeds. He would pick them and they would haul them off. It was one of those "when we are helping we're happy" moments and the Kids had so much fun helping Dad.
Aerom and Matt playing catch.

For Matt's birthday I decided to take pictures of the kids and give them to him for is birthday. So the kids and I took a night while Matt was in school and go to the park. This picture was the best picture I could get with all the kids looking at the camera. So......... I decided to go with single pictures instead. :)

Afterwards we played at the park, then we went and got ice cream cones.

Matt's Birthday was a fun filled day and a great way to start off our spring break. We woke up and had crepes, then we all made his birthday cake from scratch which failed miserably and so we made a boxed cake which actually turned out to be really good. I got one of my friends to watch the chicklets while I took Matt out to dinner and a movie.

In the end we all sang happy birthday and cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. I was a perfect ending to a perfect day, and we are so excited to enjoy a Class free week. (notice I said "class" Matt's school work never ends, there is always more to be done. :)

I just decided to tack this on at the end. 1. because I thought I would give an example of our day taking pictures, and the kids not looking at the camera and 2. because I wanted to show how beautiful it has been here in College Station. Flowers are EVERYWHERE. You can't see them here but there are little blue flowers that are close to the ground and then all a long the roads there are all sorts of colors, it is so pretty.


  1. Oh my crud that picture of Avenlea is so cute. (All of them are cute but that one especially) What movie did you go see? We were going to go see a movie a couple weeks ago and decided not to because everything looked like crap.

  2. Wow i have the most beatiful nieces and nephew (as well as brother and sister-in-law ;) )!
    I miss you guys!
    Also, thanks for our little chat earlier today!

  3. We saw "This means War" It was really funny. It had a couple of sleezy parts, but we laughed a lot. However, I am easily entertained so I don't know if that is saying much. Seriously though with the pictures, I could not get a single one of them to all look at the camera and smile. The whole time I thought I was getting all of these really good pictures and when I got home, they were all bad. But I thought the single ones turned out cute so whatever.

  4. Love the pictures! Aerom is such the little man! Talia is the beautiful model and Avenlea is such a charmer! What a well planned out birthday celebration! Wish we could have stepped in for a few moments to sing happy birthday and hug everyone! Miss you guys! But that and the wildflowers abloom sure make me want to visit Texas.....

  5. What beautiful pictures! I am so glad that Matt was able to have a good birthday with you all. I think that College Station looks gorgeous, not at all like what I would think Texas looks like. I guess I have seen too many cowboy movies:)
    We miss you guys, and can't believe how grown up your kids are getting. We are excited to hear about where you guys will be for the summer, and hopefully we can get together lots:)

  6. Glad to see your family is enjoying Texas! Think you guys will ever want to move back?! :) Your kids are so cute!! They are growing up fast! Sounds like Matt had a good birthday! Thanks for the text about my bday! Miss you!!

  7. You guys look amazing! Texas looks like a lot of fun! I'm happy you are doing well. Love this blog and all the great photos :)