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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break, and Chicago

 Spring Break was a lot of fun and relaxation. It was really nice having Talia home from school, as well as Matt not having as much school. We had been to the Houston zoo, which was really fun but we heard a lot of good things about the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. So we decided to check it out, and we actually really enjoyed it. But before we went in we had a nice picnic by the Brazos River. It was a perfect day. Their were lots of clouds and a nice breeze so it never got too hot. I think every time I have gone to any zoo it was either a little too hot, or a little too cold, and it was neither.
 This Zoo was really nice for a couple of reasons, 1. it was very kid friendly. They had a lot of hands on things to play with, random slides throughout the park, big play areas, and little attractions all over.  and 2. It is in one big loop. So you just walk the path and you will be able to see everything. At the other Zoos that I have been to, you kind of pick and choose what to see, and you do a lot of unnecessary walking to and from other animals, however, at this Zoo we saw everything we wanted to and the flow of people moved at a steady pace so we weren't fighting to see the main attractions., and the kids always got                                                                                                             a front row peek into each Exhibit. 

  These are just a couple of those fun side things that I was talking about.

This is a little flower garden thing they had.
It was just a small pathway that you could 
  take that no one was really taking, so we  
decided to take the little detour.               

Fun little Indian display by the "Bison Bison" (or Buffalo)

 This lion was so cool! It would Roar every 15 minutes or so and it just paced back and forth. You can't really tell in this picture but at this point it would rub its face up against the Window where Aerom was and he thought it was pretty neat. I don't think I have ever seen a Daddy Lion this close before and it was HUGE! Aerom's head was about the size of his snout. So cool!
 The kids just loved this animal cause it had Dragon in its name. Aerom was pretty excited even though it just looks like a lizard.

Walking back to the car.
 Drive home

This was a really cool opportunity for Matt he was able to attend a Conference for Health Care Executives in Chicago. He worked while he was there and when he wasn't working he was going to classes. But near the end he was able to take time and see a couple of the fun things to see in Chicago. This is the famous "bean" (I don't know if this is what it is actually called) I thought it was pretty cool, and I love the reflection of the sky and tall sky scrapers, OH and I love the handsome man standing in the picture!

Matt standing at the bottom of the Sears Tower...... and McDonald's. 

 We just started this thing with a couple of my friends where we take turns going to the Temple while one couple sits in the Waiting room thing and babysits and then we trade off once a month. We woke up bright and early this is the Sunrise, and it is hard to see but there was mist/fog covering the ground. The drive to the Temple is so pretty, the scenery is breathtaking and this just added.
 I know I mentioned the flowers in my previous post, but this picture describes it a little better. This picture was taken just off the side of the freeway headed home from the Temple. It is like this pretty much everywhere.

 Matt and Talia picking a bouquet. (Aerom and Avenlea were asleep)

This past few months the kids have been asking to go to the movie theater. We had to tell them that there were no kid movies to go see, but when there was, we would go to it. This is us at the theater going to see The Lorax. It is actually really fun going to the theater with the kids. They all sit through the movies now and it is funny to hear their little comments on the movie. Avenlea was pretty impressed with the "pretty trees" in the movie. ;)

So it was a pretty eventful couple of weeks. Matt was gone for 5 days and it was a big thing for our family. We haven't been without him for that long without being somewhere with family. Every time the door to to the garage would open, Avenlea would yell "Daddy's home!!!" It was cute but sad when she realized he wasn't. We are glad to have our family back together again.


  1. I love your pictures! It looks like life is full of fun and great memories in the making. I can't believe how many pretty flowers there are out there. It is so pretty!

  2. Jaime, thanks for posting this stuff! I love reading about your family! And your kids all seem like they got a little stretched out.

  3. Your family is so cute! I Iove seeing your pictures and hearing about what you guys are doing!

  4. Your pictures are so cute and you are doing some great things! I can't believe how big your kids are getting. I do have to ask just one question though . . . did you all eat tuna sandwiches at the zoo?