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Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Spring is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the activities, birthdays, Easter, Mothers Day, General Conference and a lot more. We have been so blessed in a lot of ways, and when we are busy we seem to forget, or over look all of the great blessings in our life. For the past 3 weeks we have been battling sicknesses in our home. We all got the flu (besides Matt which in and of itself is a huge blessing because we were all sick during finals) The Next week I got I really bad ear infection which then caused one of my ear drums to burst, and I was pretty much bed ridden for 5 days or so. I am actually really grateful for that trial because of many different things. 1. It helped me realize how important my job as a mother and homemaker is. When at home doing the same things everyday I kind of started to question my self worth and felt that what I was doing wasn't really making a difference. But because of that experience, i saw how sweet my kids are and could see their concern for me and how much they really missed having their healthy Mom. 2. I knew how amazing my husband is, but I was definitely reminded of that when he had to take care of me and the kids, and all the while trying to study and take his finals. And 3. It helped me realize how AWESOME it is to be healthy! 4. All the while we were dealing with this, Matt was able to do really well on his finals, as well as get  the President position for an organization in his Graduate program, which is kind of a big deal, and will look really good on his resume as well as give him a lot of great experiences while also working and making connections with a lot of great people. I am so proud of him and the hard work he has put into supporting our family.  So far our spring has been a really good one and we hope that our Summer will be just as fun with a lot of fun memories.  

 The kids got kites for Easter this was there first time flying kites and they thought it was pretty fun.

We went to a fun park with a pond, and we saw all sorts of fun things. While we were feeding the ducks a few turtles came to join the feast. One of them was really big about the size of a large plate. There were also fish and squirrels that came to eat the bread. The squirrels would come right up to the kids, not in a creepy way just enough for the kids to get excited. Also by a tree Avenlea found a duck egg. We went back a couple weeks later and there were tons of cute little ducklings.

 This is the kiddles at the  Fire Station.

Check our Aerom's "smile" :)

 So this was a big Easter egg hunt they held at the George Bush Library. It was kind of a joke. They had a spray painted area where the eggs were "hidden" and they counted down and let the kids go at it. They told the parents not to go on the field but they did it anyway and there were so many kids that it was over after 30 seconds. I saw more parents picking up eggs then kids. :)

 Aerom freaked out because of the chaos.

 They had a lot of random things for the kids to do and it was all free!

Aerom launching a frog. (a stuffed frog)

 Kids holding the little prizes they received from the random games.

Face painting! I remember doing the painting for a ward youth-a-funda as a young woman and we practiced a few pictures to draw, then kids got to pick from the drawings we told them we could do. However these girls let the kids pick whatever they wanted, and lets just say they didn't all turn out looking the most amazing, but kudos to them for attempting some of the kids requests.

 The end result, Aerom wanted a blue T-Rex, and got a.... blue demented goose(I think she was attempting a long neck) Avenlea wanted a purple Turtle with a pink shell. Talia wanted a bunny.

So this is a giant heart. They had at a Health awareness thing for kids, and they had a lot of different activities to let the kids have hands on interaction with how there body works as well as how to take care of it, letting them use stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, looking inside an ambulance, and they were given helmets, ace wraps, apples, etc. One of the things they had was this heart that you could walk through and see the 4 different chambers and valves. It was pretty neat! 

In one of the heart chambers.

General conference... we tried the bingo thing that worked most of the time... but they still got distracted. :)

 One of our good friends here invited us to an Easter egg hunt. The people that held it have a 10 acre lot and it was pretty amazing what they had done with the place. They had a small fishing pond that they use as food storage. Which Matt and I thought was a cool idea. They also had a huge field with lots of trees and a fire pit down the lane. It was so nice to feel outdoors and not just a park. The owners hid about 200 eggs for a handful of kids, and they hid the eggs ALL over. The kids loved it.

After the hunt they colored eggs.

After we colored eggs they had a hot dog roast. The couple in this picture, are the owners and the people who set this all up. They were so fun, and she was amazing with the kids, as you can see Avenlea pulled her chair right over to listen to her stories. Apparently Sister Wolfgang teaches the 5 and 6 year old children in their ward (they aren't in our ward) and the kids LOVE her. It wasn't hard to believe after seeing her with our kids.

After hotdogs we roasted marshmallows

Then we went home and decorated our own eggs.
After church in our Easter get up.

Last but not least Aerom learned how to ride a two wheel bike, I was so impressed with how quickly he caught on. It only took him 2 days to really get a hold of it. 

I kept forgetting to charge the battery on my Camera so we don't have any pictures in May. So I am a little behind.  We have had things happen but not very many things you take pictures of. Matt started his internship this past week and loves how fast paced everything is at the hospital. He has been a huge help to the people there, and he has his own office, which is nice for him, and makes him feel important. ;) They have already given him a few projects to work on, so he is a busy guy. We are so blessed to have an internship here in college station. We have some friends that left for a summer internship, and they left us their keys to the community pool in their neighborhood. The kids are so excited to start going. Talia graduates from Kindergarten on the 31st and we are so excited to have her home.


  1. I love your blog. First, you look incredible, Jaime! Second, I am jealous of all your community things. The stuff they have for the kids, etc. That's awesome. 3rd, I'm glad you are better. :)

  2. Avenlea looks so much like you in the picture with the fire helmets on. And I laughed so hard at Aerom's "t-rex" That was horrible even for a long neck. Is has like a fat bushy tail even. What's that about? I LOVE Aerom's face riding his bike. You can see how excited and proud he is. That's so awesome. And your house is gorgeous and so are you. The end. Cant wait to see you!

  3. These blog's are weird but i love them because then I can find out what you guys are up to. I love your family Jaime and I miss your face. Send my love to your family...Especially Matt. :) I love you and am glad you're no longer sick. Keep it that way. Love you!

  4. Reading your blog makes my whole day!!! I love seeing as well as reading about all your fun activities! I am impressed by your community events as well! I love all your faces! Aerom's especially is so expressive! Talia and Avenlea, well, they're absolutely gorgeous girls, so happy! And in your family picture I see how much the kids are growing up! The enjoyment of seeing your pictures makes up a little bit for how much we miss you.....and we are so proud of you!!! Jaime, never doubt it, you are an amazing Mother, and Matt is a fabulous father!

  5. Great blog! You are very good at capturing the everyday things that make up life. I also think you are a way good photographer! Maybe you can give me a few pointers, because the older kids get, the harder it is to get good shots of them, and you get such good shots of your ADORABLE kids! I think Aerom's three-tear crying face is my favorite:) I miss those little munchkins and you and Matt. Glad you are feeling better!

  6. HOLY FUZZ. Don't teach your kids that second word. That was really awesome. your kids are huge. i am poor, or i would visit you. I LOVE YOU ALL. Tell Avonlea and Talia to not let their good looks go to their heads just yet! Oh and Aeromo too!