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Friday, September 14, 2012

VACATION!!!!! (part one, Sainsbury style)

Before I get into all the fun we had in Utah I thought I would blog about the few things we did before we left.

One day Matt and I were talking about the week and along came Talia in this outfit saying "I'm a ROCKSTAR!!"

 Talia then took it upon herself to dress little Avenlea up.

 Rockin' it out!

 Then Aerom had to get in on the Action, so I figured out an outfit for him.

One thing led to another and..... Matt joined the party. I love my Rockstar Family! (Icouldn't find anything to rock out in so I captured the moments :)

 I love our ward! This is us having a ho-down for pioneer days. They taught us square dancing, the kids did a little treasure hunt thing, and they had a pie contest. I am not a fan of pie so we didn't enter anything. Our Home teacher won!

 The stick game (or whatever it's called.) Here we have Talia and Aerom against eachother, Matt and Avenlea against eachother (bet you can't guess who won) Matt and all three kids, Aerom and Talia against one of the boys in Matt's Sunday school class, Tanner. (He also got a 35 on the ACT. Anne, next year! nudge nudge :) And then me and my friend Amanda, no one won that one we were the same strength. And then Matt and me.... He schooled me. At least he was a good husband and let me feel like I was doing a good job..... till he tried.:)

 THEN...... Our trip to UTAH!!! This is us at Grandma Anderson's. Feeding the goats, and Boat riding. This was fun because we hadn't been there in 6 years. So we got an awesome tour and drove out to the Ranch where Matt's Grand Dad spent a lot his time.

I can't express to you how much we missed this place. We love the farm! This was one of my favorite things. Every morning we would wake up and go for a morning walk out on the farm, up to the top of the property and back. It was so beautiful. We loved weather (it was perfect), the alfalfa was blossoming, and just being out on good 'ol West Mountain. Matt normally went with me, but this was one of the mornings he slept in. When I was headed out the door I had the privilege of having my three sweet hoodlums catch me before I was out the door so I enjoyed my walk with the kids. It was awesome.

 One of the things we missed (and this might sound weird...) was working on the farm. The first morning there, Matt got outside and mowed the lawn. We also helped his dad lay some pea gravel in his garden. I am really bummed I didn't get pictures of the garden, because it was beautiful. They have put a lot of work in to it, and it sure has paid off. We got to enjoy sweet strawberries, black berries, and the many beautiful flowers. I think we missed this partially because we have never had a house of our own where we were able to have projects or the money to pay for them. We were able to get out our project "itches" there and we enjoyed working as a family. 
Just the other day we were talking to Talia and she was excited to think that "after this school year I will go to school somewhere else", and that "dad will have a real job!" and "maybe we could have our own house." I then expressed how I moved into the "white house" when I was 9 and Kelly (my oldest sister) was 12. Also that Rachel (Matt's older sister) moved to the farm when she was 8, and so hopefully we will be in a house sometime between her ages of 8 and 12. (who knows? but it still made her excited)

 One of the fun things we did was go up to "Beer Can Flats" or "Payson Canyon Park" They have set up a Frisbee golf course, we didn't actually do the course but we threw the frisbees around. We also played in the river.

 Family Pictures!!

 While I was going through what pictures to put on, I realized how funny Avenlea looked. She was posing different for  almost every pose. There were more but I thought this might be enough to get the effect.

 Sunday family dinner and Amanda's birthday, with home made ice cream mmmmmm!

We were so lucky to use this beautiful home for the week. This is the home of Our Brother in law's, (Chase England) Family's home.... so Matt's sister's, husband's, Family's home.... are you still with me. ;) It has so many different things to enjoy and here are a few things that I capture. The below picture is taken from the back deck looking down onto the pool, then Aerom in the Room we stayed in, then again looking down onto the fire pit, and then the front of the home, which doesn't do it justice, but still there it is.

 This is us swimming in the pool, the slide is SO fun and the kids really took to learning how to swim this week. Talia already kind of knew how, but her and Aerom both improved tremendously, I guess that's what happens when you go swimming twice a day everyday for a week.

 This is us having a hot dog roast out on the fire pit. It was such a beautiful evening. We had good food, beautiful sun set, good company and good conversation.

This little pizza place is in Kamas Utah and was voted best pizza in Utah. It really was delicious! 

 As you can see this is the Natural History Museam. This was a really fun place to take kids, in the end I am pretty sure it was all the grown ups ready to be done than the kids, and not because it was boring, but because there was SO much stuff to do and look at, that by the time we got near the end we were exhausted.

 I have to explain the retarded pose.

 There were a few places that they had glass walk ways, and under neath the glass they had bones and different things you could look at. Well, it freaked Avenlea out, so she would stay close to the walls, and when ever she did walk on it, she would walk SUPER slow and make scared noises. After a while when we got to another floor like that, she would get down on her hands and knees and crawl. It was so funny to watch. So the picture on the right is her hugging the wall and me trying to get her to walk out to me.
Also the bottom left picture is me having a stomach ache and not wanting my picture taken. :)

 This. was. so. fun! This was probably one of mine and Matt's favorite thing. We went up to the Uintahs on this Razor. We had music blaring and we were singing, and laughing and we had so much fun. When we got up to our destination, we had a picnic, then we road four-wheelers, the razor, the mule, or we played cards, read books, or just enjoyed each others company. 

 Later on we were able to go up to the Moody family reunion, where we got to ride canoes and paddle boats. On the way up we played I-pod Idol. It was so funny, and so fun. I thought it was also funny all the random shots of people we got. Here are a few.

 And more

Us in our boat and Stephen and Avenlea making faces.

 The Stephen and Marissa boat. there was a deer in the background. And then we have Melanee and Stanford in there Paddle boat after one of the missionaries tipped over their canoe. We had some laughs over that one.

..... and then we have Anne. haha I laughed every time I went through these pictures. Anne was also in the tipped canoe and so she was wet and had her own paddle boat. I decided to do a tribute collage to Anne. Haha I love that girl!

 On top of all this we also played green ghost, kick the can, played lots of rook and did a rook contest, (which I won by the way) we watched the Olimics together, we played Volleyball, and through all of this we got to spend time with some of the most important people in our lives. Thank you Sainsbury family for making our vacation wonderful!

Butler family vacation, coming soon..........


  1. I'm going to have to get copies of some of those pictures! Ah, good times, good times ;)

  2. Love you guys! You really are ROCKSTARS! I'm glad you had a good time, we loved having you around. Are you coming out for Christmas this year, or are you going to stay in Texas?

  3. Ah, man, you do fun things! You should've posted the Butler stuff first so it wouldn't look so pathetic after your awesome Sainsbury week. Ha ha! Let's all go in together and buy a Razor! We ride them with Trevor's grandpa and our friends who have a cabin in Kolob. They are way better than a 4 wheeler. :)

  4. oh how i do just love these pictures. . .and a whole section just dedicated to me. .. i feel so special!! thanks a billion guys . .but really, these are soo adorable!