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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas and getting back in the groove...

 Now that it is out of the bag that I am pregnant with twins, I feel it important to let everyone know how amazing my husband is. I was sick for the last half of Matt's fall semester and I was pretty sick from about week 5 through week 13. Matt was doing EVERY job, from his own normal responsibilities to clothing and feeding the kids, to getting Talia ready and to school, to cleaning the house, to making me meals and making sure I was okay. I knew I had a good guy but it is times like these that I really see what I have, and I am so lucky. I was pretty much in bed for at least 6 of those weeks and he really did take care of everything. Not only that but made me feel completely at rest and tried to make sure that I didn't feel obligated to do anything that made my sickness worse. Thank goodness, after Thanksgiving I was able to feel loads better and take on my role as a mother and homemaker again. However not only was Matt amazing but the kids were SO good. They were very concerned with their Mother, and because of that, they really stepped up to the plate and were so helpful. One morning I was so sick, but at the same time so hungry, but when I go out of bed I would get a lot more sick, so I was laying there in tears wishing I could get up, and thinking that the only thing that sounded good to eat was a bagel. Well no joke 2 minutes later with out being asked Aerom came in with a toasted blueberry bagel, and said "Mom I thought you would be hungry." I couldn't help but just cry and hold my little boy.  All of the kids have done little sweet things like that. I am so blessed with the Children I have. And I know they are going to be a great help to me and there new little siblings.

This was the day after Thanksgiving this was the first day that I felt good again. So we decorated the Christmas tree.

It's kind of silly but for some reason I like the tradition of Matt putting the Star on the tree he rolls his eyes every time I ask him, but I think he secretly likes it. ;)

Finished! And super Tucked out.

That weekend we also went to the movies and saw Hotel Transylvania. It is always fun to take our kids to the movies.

Talia is a star student. This was something that I never was, so I am so proud of her. Her teacher is always commenting on how good she is, and what a good example she is to others. However this award is special because you are nominated by the other teachers, like the music, art, computer, and one other that I can't remember. So she was awarded the "Mighty Mustang" award.

We spent a whole night dedicated to making goodies to take around to people. The kids love cooking with Mom and Dad.


Ward Christmas Party!

We did this for a Christmas social that Matt had for school. They had all sorts of fun stuff, hay rides, petting zoo with a donkey goats, and a Camel.... those things are way bigger than I thought they were.

This was the night that we told the kids I was pregnant. I made a fancy dinner (as fancy as poor students can be) and we did a "pictionary" type of thing where they had to guess each person that we were drawing and then we got to the last two, it took them a while but once they figured it out they were, and are super excited.

 Christmas was fun... but also filled with some frustrating sicknesses. We had EVERYTHING. We had Paraflu, Bronchitis, Pink eye,  Pin worm, and ear infections. SO the sad thing is, I got some pictures of different things but hardly any of the Butler side. That was where we were the most sick so instead of being out doing things, we were dead on all the couches and beds trying to recuperate.

We had a lot of fun playing in the snow and the fresh air for the first week, here is Matt helping the Kids and Rachel build a snowman, and snow woman. 

The finished product.

 The kids were able to go with Grandma Sainsbury and see a bunch of fun nativity, and Christmas sets a woman in there ward had, and they thought it was pretty fun. Also we have the Sainsbury Christmas party. Talia and Aerom sang Picture a Christmas, and did a beautiful job.

Here we have everyone working hard to prepare the big Christmas eve feast. It was fun to have everyone in the kitchen working and having fun while doing so.

The kids always love dressing up and acting out the nativity. I think this was the first time, Avenlea was involved and she did her job very well. ;)

Christmas morning!!

The day after Christmas it snowed quite a bit and we were able to go sledding. Usually the kids are out for a bit but then they get too cold and start crying and we have to come in. They actually lasted quite a while and we got some good riding in. 


At the end of the vacation the sicknesses were lightening up a bit and so we were able to go to The Old Spagetti Factory with my family. Then we celebrated Talia's birthday by taking her to get a Kong Kone at Maceys. Oh how we miss that store.

 Playing games for Talia's birthday. Avenlea actually dropped the penny but Talia wanted a go at getting it out of the flour, and she did.

 Opening presents and playing musical chairs.

Happy Birthday Talia!!! As you can see by Avenlea's face we were not quite over pink eye yet.

Finally back at home and full of antibiotics. We have been able to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather. Which has lifted our spirits so much. One day while Talia was at school we drove out to Lake Conroe for a presentation thing. It was long but for being good sports we took the kids to the MacDonald's right by the Lake.  Avenlea wasn't happy to leave.

That weekend we also went "hiking" (if you can call it that) out at Lick creek park. Once again it was nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air and let the kids run around.

Picnic at the park.

 Sunday night games and treats mmmm...

 Matt has been working with Aerom with his catching, and he pretty much catches it every time now. Aerom loves that time with his dad and is just beaming while afterward. There was a talk giving by President Uckdorf where he says "Love is spelled, T I M E" This is SO trure. The first week we were back, we were still recovering from sicknesses and we were all kind of on edge. Finally I got all the Christmas stuff away, and cleaned the house, and we were able to enjoy the company of one other, as well as give the kids the attention and time they needed. Sometimes I feel like life is falling apart but then we have weekends that are prefect and I remember that no matter how hard life gets, or how hard parenting can be, even if those moments last minutes, hours, or days, it's worth trying and enduring through it just for those little moments of perfect.


  1. First, I'm glad you guys are feeling better. Second, I needed to read this cuz this week of parenting has sucked (and I'm NOT pregnant)and I needed to read your comments about T-I-M-E being how to spell Love. I miss you and look up to you and envy your abilities. You and Matt are the dream team, in my opinion. Thanks for always inspiring me to be better. I love you.

  2. We love seeing all the fun things your family has done! You are such great parents and have such wonderful children! We had so much fun with you here, in spite of the sickness, and it is fun reliving the memories. Glad that everyone is feeling better! We love and miss you!
    Love, Stanford and Melanee