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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pregnant, and growing.

 The weather here in Texas has been great, it has been a little frustrating because I have definitely felt very pregnant, and so getting out, going places, and doing things, has not been so easy or fun. We have tried to make the best of our situation, and have had to come up with some things to do here at home. But it seems to be getting a little better, in the fact that I think the kids are realizing there Mom isn't going to be as active. The kids are so excited to have new siblings, and are always asking to feel them kick. There is a site online that shows what your baby looks like at each stage of pregnancy, and the kids think it is so fascinating. They always ask "Can I see how big the babies are getting?" It is fun to have them so involved.

 One of my friends invited me to do a craft day so we both made wreaths and had a fun relaxing afternoon. The weather has been nice, but when the wind blows it can be a little chilly, so one of the things we have enjoyed, is having picnics in the garage. We open the door so you feel like you are outside, but we don't get blown out by the wind. The kids love having picnics. And then we have Avenlea who decided to stick her face in the Nutella jar and gave herself a chocolate go-tee(sp?)

 I was looking through some of our pictures and I realized I didn't have very many of me pregnant. So Matt was insistent that we take some. I am still not sure if I like the idea, I have a hard time documenting how fat I am getting, but maybe I will be grateful someday...... This is me at 24 weeks.

The chicklets making Valentines for there friends.

We finally got our first baby item. We have never had a portable crib, and we didn't want to go all out buying cribs and then having ot move them when we move this summer. So while Matt was setting it up to check the quality, Aerom decided to take crazy face pictures. He actually posed all our faces in the top right pic. Matt is suppose to be scared, Avenlea mad, Talia silly, and me happy.

This is out at Bryan Lake. It was so fun to get outside, and the kids loved splashing and playing in the lake and sand. Matt and I really enjoyed soaking in the sun.

There is a tv series that Matt and I have been watching called Doctor Who, it is a fun adventure, and so now the kids look forward to watching it with us, especially Aerom. However there is a really creepy episode called "Blink" and we told Aerom he couldn't watch it at night, so one evening before dinner, he kept badgering us about "the scary episode" and so we decided to show him a couple of clips, so he could see what it was about. This is a picture of him watching those clips, haha his face is so intense. 

Avenlea was caught red handed (or black toothed) when we found her eating  one of the chocolate cupcakes Matt made.

This is me at 27 weeks. The doctor did a growth check and the babies are measuring about a week apart in size which is a 1 tenth difference if it gets up to 15 percent then he will be concerned but as of right now he isn't too worried.(something like that) But to stay the safe side he is having us come back again in a couple of weeks to check for growth again. Also our little ones finally decided to open up there little legs, and it is confirmed that we will be having 2 little boys. We are so excited! For a little while they thought one might be a girl, and Aerom was a little sad that the boys wouldn't outnumber the girls :) but now he is ecstatic.


  1. Such a sweet time in the family's span. So fun!

  2. So fun to see you all enjoying life where the sun shines and there is no snow! Jaime, you look so beautiful even pregnant! Glad to see those babies growing! Excited that you will have twin boys!