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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March, and April

 This time of year is always fun because of the weather,  Spring Break, Birthdays, Holidays, and General Conference. Matt gets off early on Friday's and so after running to the library, Aerom and Avenlea and I wanted to surprise Matt with a picnic lunch when we picked him up. So this is us at the park playing after we were done eating. I am getting closer to my due date, and sadly have not been able to do some of the things that normally I wouldn't have thought would effect me, a few being vacuuming, sweeping, and the hardest thing for the kids has been pushes on the swing. The kids love to swing on the swings, and I just can't do it anymore, so while we were at the park Avenlea got on the swing and just sat there. She didn't even ask for a push she just sat. It was heart breaking, but I had to take a picture. But then.......

 Without being asked Aerom went over and started to push Avenlea. I am constantly touched by the love my kids have for one another.

  To start off our Spring break was Matt's Birthday!! Every Saturday morning we have a big Breakfast together as a family, Matt and I have grown to love this time together in the kitchen, the kids help a little bit, but for the most part they like to play while we cook. Normally for a birthday breakfast we have done breakfast in bed, but Matt insisted we make it together. I love that about him. :)

 We were not able to go some where extravagant for Spring break but we were determined to make it a good week. The kids wanted to go to Spoons (a frozen yogurt place) but instead we talked them into getting our own ice cream at the store with a bunch of toppings and make our own creations at home. Later that night when putting the kids to bed we found that Avenlea had gotten into the gummy Bears and eaten them all.  

 Matt had to work on Tuesday, so we went to the park, and here we have same situation as before, only Talia pushing her brother and sister.

Some of the best ice cream is Blue Bell ice cream,  and there is a factory about  45 minutes away from College Station, so we took the kids over to check it out. We did a tour and then they serve ice cream. It was a beautiful day and actually really fun.

Another trip to Lake Bryan.

 St Patricks Day Green foods that aren't vegetables are hard to find, and not very appetizing to look at but we did our best. And the kids thought it was fun to have all green food.

Avenlea's first birthday party. Her good friend Gabriella invited her to Chuck-E-Cheeses.

29 weeks along

This is the first of three Easter egg hunts the kids had this year. This one is at the george bush library, it was really cold, and the hunt is kind of a joke but we still had fun. I am pretty sure I saw more parents picking up eggs than kids. Avenlea got one egg, and was kind of sad, but then Talia shared one of her whopping 5 eggs with her.

After the Egg hunt, Talia's school was hosting their annual Mustang Rodeo so we headed over there. It had warmed up by this time, and we were able to enjoy ourselves a bit more.

Coloring Easter eggs!!!

Easter morning, in their Easter get up.

On our way home after church we stopped off the side of the road to take pictures of the kids in the Blue Bonnets.

We did our own little Easter egg hunt, in our back yard.

These are our friends that live just down the road from us. They joined for church earlier, and then we went to their house for dinner.  They also did an Easter egg hunt at their place. It was a lot of fun and great food.

Jaime's Birthday!! Matt made the cake.

This was funny to me because the picture on the left is of me closing my eyes and thinking of my wish and Aerom blowing out my Candles while I wished.

Me at 32 weeks.

The kids coloring their bingo sheets during General Conference.  More to come for April....

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