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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

August 2013

These pictures are a little out of order. August was a little harder because school started,  and because Aerom is in Kindergarten, I have to take him to the gate and pick him up at the gate instead of being able to just drive by drop off and pick up. So I have to load the twins into the car and then unload them and the stroller, walk to his gate and then load them and the stroller back into the car again. It is very tiring but has gotten a lot easier. Or maybe I am handling it better....? 

Aerom had a Curious George project where he got to bring George home, and then we made a scrap book page of all the things George did with us while he was at our house. Aerom loved it!

This was a Family Home Evening experiment. We talked about how following the commandments/recipe will make our life better. Instead of doing what we want. For example: getting married is a good thing but getting married in the Temple is the best thing. So our first batch of cookies we put things that we like, like, bbq sauce, raisins, sugar, cheese, broccolli, etc. and even though they weren't bad things we didn't follow the recipe. So obviously we made the second batch following the recipe and doing things the right way. It was a lot of fun!

After a couple of weeks of chaos I was feeling bad that I was neglecting Avenlea, so we had a lovely tea party together. It was really fun and she felt super special. I was glad we were able to do it while the babies slept.

This picture cracks me up, because Avenlea has such a hard time getting her pinky up. So the first shot is of her trying to figure out how to get her pinky out, and the second is her finally figuring it out, and the third is her awkwardly holding up her cup. Ha Ha it was so cute!

My perfect princess.

Avenlea had so much fun doing a tea party that we did it for dinner a couple nights later.

One of Brigham's energetic nights. And the twins cooing at each other. It was so fun when they realized there was another baby around.

Another way we beat the heat was some of our friends have pools and they had us over. It was a lot of fun and super refreshing. We have been so grateful for our friends that have made our adjustment to twins and life a little easier.

Avnelea dressing up brigham. It starts... ha ha I did this to my brothers, as you can see Brigham isn't too enthused.

First day of school!

It was quite hard sending my little Aerom off to school. He has been my bud and my big helper for two years while Talia was in school. He started to cry just before he got out of the car, and said he didn't want to leave me. I was sad that he was sad, but happy that the last 5 years were just as special and meaningful to him as they were to me.

I don't mean to brag, but I have beautiful children!

Walking to school.

Baby cuddles. Talia was holding Brigham while I was getting us ready to go over to a friends house. She and Brigham both fell asleep. It was precious.

This is where we noticed the biggest difference in Arizona weather compared to Texas weather. When it rains in Arizona. It cools off completely and smells SOOO good. All the dessert plants let off a sweet smell and it is the most refreshing smell ever.  If you like the smell of rain, come to Arizona and that smell is magnified. Compared to Texas, when it rains it does cool off but it is really muggy and humid, and smells like mold. Don't get me wrong we loved Texas but this is one thing that I do not miss.

Taysome and Brigham at 3 months.

Taysom: Left,  Brigham: Right

One of our favorite things to do, was go to the water park in our community. It was a perfect pool for the kids. And it was nice to be outside and not be dying of heat.

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  1. You are such a good mom, and you have a beautiful family!!