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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

July 2013


Brigham and Taysom at 2 months. Brigham:left Taysom: Right

Forth of July! Fireworks!

More fireworks

First smiles. Brigham: below Taysom: above Matt stuck feeding both babies. Matt really is an amazing Dad/Husband! Taysom loves to sit with me and play the piano. It has gotten a little more interesting now that he can pound the keys himself, but when he was this teeny he would just sit there and listen, which his brother wouldn't do.

Because dating has been nonexistent I set up a nice dinner for our anniversary. After we all went to the Anthem Outlets.

Taysom Russell and Brigham Stanford's blessing day! Shout out to Aunt Marita for the cute little booties, and Granny Janny for the outfits.

It was so fun having our families there to celebrate. Even though July is not the best time to visit AZ. :)

Partying with family. Once again so happy to be close enough to have people and for all their help!

Tuckered out after their big day.

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