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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

June 2013

I am now posting June's blog and it is February of 2014. As you can tell life has been quite hectic. I have talked to many women that have had twins and they say that they really can't remember much of their0 babies first 2 years, along with everything else that happened in that time frame. So I am determined to get all my blogs posted for my own memory keepsake.

June was a very hard month for me, and I believe for most of the members of our family. Matt was really excited to start his fellowship, and so in that aspect June was quite enjoyable. However, because all of our family had to go back home to their lives, we had to start this "twin thing" by ourselves.

I will admit it was hard. I knew it would be so I was able to talk myself up, but it was still quite a hard adjustment. I was taking care of two teeny weeny babies and still trying to be a mother for my other three children. I got really good at holding and feeding one baby while bouncing the other one in the bouncer with my foot and then swapping. I wanted to document how hard and crazy it really was, but in reality, there wasn't a moment that went by that I wasn't overwhelmed with gratitude for the two little ones in my life. I have said it many times, having twins is a trail, but the happiest trial I have gone through or probably will ever go through.     

When we moved to AZ Matt and I took our van with the twins, Melanee and Anne took the other three Chicklets in the Suzuki, Standford took his car and we all caravan-ed down to the land of heat. :) It was such a huge help to have family there and for us to be close enough that it was an options to have them there. It was a huge blessing.

This was the pool at our hotel. Melanee was a huge help in taking the kids and helping them have a fun and easy adjustment into our new home. I was so grateful that I could just focus on the twins and that I knew my other "babies" were in good hands.

This picture was taken in the Hotel. This is at their 1 month old birthday. Brigham on the left, Taysom on the right.

This pretty much sums up our life for the nest few months. Lots of snuggles, lots of cuddles and lots of love. When both babies were fussing I had to give them bottles, and the kids LOVED feeding them. It was and is fun to see how much they love their little brothers.

We probably took way too many of these pictures, but every time I put these boys down it cracked me up to see how tiny they were, and how cute they were together. 

I had to post this because Aerom and Avenlea have become a lot closer, and almost every night after lights out Aerom and Avenlea curl up together and tell each other stories. Once again I love how close my kids are. And then the picture of the twins was the first time one of the babies actually noticed the other one.

Avenlea turns 4!!

I try to doll my girls up on their birthdays and Avenlea was cracking us up. She was prancing around and posing and walked very over the top dramatic. It was great! She is our little princess. She will always choose a dress or skirt over pants any day.

Blowing out candles

We had to figure out a lot of different ways of doing things even the kids had to get creative with getting things, because I was most of the time occupied and had no free hands, So here we have Aerom climbing the counter to get a cup. This little baby carrier saved my life a few times. I never looked into whether or not they have one of these for twins, but if they don't someone needs to invent one.

This was our escape. Every evening when Matt got home we would walk to the park. It was really hot, but compared to Texas the dry heat of Arizona was quite refreshing.

Playing at the park

A beetle we saw at the park, thank goodness this is the only one we have seen so far. It was HUGE!

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