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Thursday, February 20, 2014

September 2013

The biggest perk to living closer to family, is that we get to visit more often. So we randomly decided to go to Utah for Labor Day. We love Utah in the Summer.

Grandpa and Grandma Sainsbury's house!

Talia and Aerom had a fun time sliding on the slip 'n slide at the farm, poor Avenlea fell asleep and didn't get to join in on the fun.

It is difficult trying to juggle both families, cause they are both so amazing. But we have been able to create great memories with both sides on our visits. On Labor day we went up to Cascade Springs. It was a longer ways up than I remember, but it was still really fun and the kids had a really good time playing with their Peart cousins, Aunts and Uncles and Grandpa Russell and Granny Janny.

Afterwards we found a spot to have a BBQ it was so nice to be out in the beautiful mountains. We had a lot of fun moments one of which little Gavin got away from his Mom after a Diaper change and ran around in his birthday suit. I did have a picture but didn't think it appropriate to put on here. It was pretty funny though. 

It is so fun to see the kids playing with their cousins. They have a lot of fun together, I love it!

Piggy back rides from Uncle Kalin. Everyone had to have a turn!

One of our favorite places at Grandpa and Grandma Sainsbury's house is the garden. The kids love to help out, but especially love to eat the fun fresh fruits that grow.

Along with all of the fruit, the kids enjoyed picking flowers from the new picking garden. These are the many bouquets they picked.

And we can't visit without a fourwheeler ride.

Brigham and Taysom's 4 month old birthday. On our way home from Utah we stopped in Kanab for lunch and took a couple of pictures. Brigham: left, Taysom: right

This is at the main park in Anthem.

After we got back from Utah Aerom had to make his Curious George scrapbook page.

This rain was the turning point for the really hot summer. After this it got a lot cooler.... well at least bearable.  My sweet little Avenlea playing in the rain.

Taysom started this funny humming thing, and made a really funny face while he did it. I was glad to capture it on camera. The Bumbo was another one of those things that saved my life. The twins weren't too fond of it, but the only time they would sit was when I was cooking and I was at eye level to them. So it saved dinner. :) Taysom: left Brigham: right

Aerom turns 6!!

Playing the balloon game for Aerom's birthday.

He got a sword, a baseball mitt, and some action figures. We also payed don 't eat Peet.

This is a typical morning for us. But definitely one of those times that you can't help but feel blessed. There are times when I would feel completely wiped out, but I couldn't stay frustrated for long, when these two cute faces were waking me up. Taysom: left Brigham: right

even though our back yard is all rocks. The kids still find ways to have fun. This is them making pathways for their animals. And then Avenlea very concentrated on a book while she is having her breakfast.

Laying on the floor with Dad.

I love my cute family. I have had people tell me how crazy I am for having five kids, and have had a lot of negative feed back from people when they find out how many kids I have, but I have never once felt ashamed or embarrassed. I love my crazy chaotic life and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

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