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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Weather in November was amazing! We loved being outside and I was able to walk to the school to pick up the kids more often. Brigham was starting to think about sitting up,which was really nice because I could put him in the boppie and he would hold on to a toy and  play with it for a while. Taysom and Brigham have consistently been about two weeks behind each other. If Taysom does something first Brigham is only about two weeks behind and then the same with Brigham to Taysom. 

 Taysom and Brigham at 6 months. Brigham: left Taysom: Right.

 Brigham: above Taysom: below Taysom was starting to fall over in the bottom left picture and his face cracked me up.

 Thank goodness all of my kids have loved baths, but this is the twins first sink bath. Even though we had them both plugged up, it freaked us all out when Avenlea accidentally turned on the garbage disposal. 

 Some of the funnest moments with our boys is when they coo at one another. It is becoming more and more frequent and it helps us get a peak into the friendship of their future, which I absolutely love! Our boys have been so different from the beginning and so I couldn't really believe that they were identical, even though they shared the same placenta. However, every once in a while they make the same facial expression and I can kind of see that they might be. Brigham: left Taysom: right

 Taysom giving Brigham cuddles. These pictures are confusing because Brigham is on the left in the middle picture and Taysom is on the right, but the side pictures Taysom is on the left and Brigham is on the right. :)

 One of the fun things we have seen in Arizona are the hot air Balloons. You don't realize how big they are until you see them being blown up, it's pretty neat. Almost every morning while taking the kids to school, we will see hot air balloons all over the place. It's fun to see! 
This is a picture of Avenlea in between the boys in the car. We were just leaving the school book fair, where we got books, and then they served a hotdog dinner. It was a fun family home evening activity.

During the book fair week, they have spirit week. The first day they had "Twin Day" So Aerom and his best buddy Lucas dressed up like twinners and then Talia and her friends, Reagan and Kayla did as well. 
 I was never one to wear skirts and whatnot when I was younger, but our little Avenlea LOVES dresses skirts and anything remotely girly. I love it! It isn't uncommon to see her in crowns and dress up items in our outings. :)

 The second day of spirit week was "Wacky Day" Aerom went all out a little more than Talia did. He wore his swim trunks, and his church vest and tie over a T shirt.

 This was a fun day they did a dress like your favorite character day, but you couldn't wear costumes. So I was about ready to bag the idea cause I couldn't think of any character that Aerom would like to be that only consisted of normal clothes. Well I was about to give up when Aerom asked "can I be Dr. Who?" I thought it was a great idea and he was the cutest Dr. Who I have ever seen.

 Matt's work had a big work party thing that paid for all employees to go to the the "Zoolights." during Christmas time they put lights up all over the zoo. We had fun meeting the people Matt works with and we had a lot of fun looking at all the lights and eating kettle corn. 

They also had free carousel rides at the Zoo.  

 Aerom had a Thanksgiving program that was really cute and he got to be a Turkey. He did a great job, and afterwards they had a little snack with a buddy. Here we have him and his buddy Lucas and his buddy Sariah.

 Thanksgiving was a rough holiday to be away from family. It is one of the holidays that I really feel like is a holiday that you sit around and visit,  play games, and reflect on the things we are grateful for. We had good friends in Texas that we were able to spend time with, which helped us not feel as sad that we couldn't be with our family. However this year we were able to take a small vacation to be with our family which was so great! We left Tuesday night and stayed in Las Vegas, and then drove the rest of the way Wednesday. It was pretty good weather for the first few days and it was really fun to be with everyone.

On Wednesday we went with the Butler Family to see Frozen on opening day. It was a great movie and we have pretty much been singing the songs from it since. We did Thanksgiving day with The Butlers as well.

The day after Thanksgiving we did another Thanksgiving with the Sainsbury Family and then soon after dinner we went up to find a Christmas tree for Grandpa and Grandma Sainsbury and Stephen and Courtney. It took us a while to find a good one but it is always fun to go all over the mountains in search for the perfect Christmas tree, and the kids always love the tradition of a treat and hot cocoa afterward.

When it is nice, Matt can't resist to go and hit a couple of golf balls into the field at the Sainsbury farm.

Everyone enjoyed being out in the crisp air.

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