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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

January 2014

 January started off quite crazy! Talia's 8th birthday started us off with a bang!

 Because 8 is such a milestone year, we had to celebrate with a party!

 After all of Talia's friends went home, she started feeling kind of crumby. When she woke up the next morning on her actual birthday, she was full blown sick and pretty miserable. She was able to muster up some strength to blow out some candles, and open presents, but pretty much just laid around the whole day. On her 8th birthday she got her first scripture set of her very own. She was really excited, but sadly I didn't get pictures of her opening it.

Taysom and Brigham, 8 months old! Brigham: Left Taysom: Right
This is when they really started to interact with each other. They are so fun to watch, and both super sweet boys. They are always smiling and content.

 Sadly after Talia being sick she ended up passing it along to everyone else in our house hold. Which was one of the hardest moments of my being a Mom with 5 kids. I was sick, all 5 kids were sick, Matt was really busy with work, and couldn't be home to help. So instead of being able to rest and get better, I had to take care of all the other sick people, plus breast feed the babies. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except they were sick too. So they were really grumpy and made it impossible for me to rest. So it was a pretty miserable mess. It lasted about 2 weeks, and then we were able to pull out of it. I am writing this post October 28th 2014 and the blessing is, we haven't really been sick since!(knock on wood) That is 10 months with nothing but the minor colds here and there. It has been a huge blessing!!

 One morning Matt made Breakfast. No one had helped him set or clear the table from the night before and no one was coming for breakfast. So he set his own place at the table and a place for Brigham and Taysom. When I came into the room, this is what I found. Ha ha! (that's his teasing mad face)

 Brigham: Left, Taysom: Right

 As I said, their interaction has continued to grow and they follow one-another around everywhere.

 They have also been getting into everything! Which results in lots of baths, which results into hardly ever being clothed. :)

 Costco trips are some of our favorite past times. The twins love to sit in the side by side baby seats and we all love the samples! The only down side, is Costco is where we buy diapers and wipes so... we have gained a love/hate relationship.

Gilbert Temple Open-house. This was a great family trip, and I will have to say that the Gilbert Temple's interior is one of my favorites and one of the most beautiful I have seen.

At the end of January we were blessed to have family come for Talia's Baptism. It was so nice to have family come and share such a spiritual occasion with us. It wouldn't have been the same without all of those who attended. Here we have Grandma Sainsbury(Melanee) starting a bath for little Brigham, as he stands by waiting with anticipation. Aerom got into the cups before the Baptism and made a nice little pyramid with them.

 I never thought this day would come, and I didn't know it would come so quickly! We are so proud of our little Talia, and in her decision to get Baptized and follow in her Savior's footsteps. She has always been such a righteous girl and it has been amazing to see her spirit grow.
 Waiting for the main event!

 What a blessing it is to have the priesthood in our lives! It was so touching to see these two all in white, and taking part in such a vital ordinance. 

 The newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

 This day wouldn't have been the same without all of these people there. We felt such love and joy because of their presence. It brought so much more meaning to why we are baptized in the first place. Talia felt overjoyed at the turn out and I know it meant so much to her, and to us!

 One evening we went with My parents and Ryan and Banessa to Old Town Scottsdale. It was really neat, and there were a lot of fun things to see, glass art, sculptures, paintings, etc.

 Kalin, and Puncie stayed home with the older kids, while we went to Scottsdale. It was nice to kind of triple date, even though we had the twins with us.

 Little Taysom making faces too cute to resist taking pictures of.

 The school held a Daddy Daughter dance and Matt took the girls. They danced and ate cupcakes. He also got to "propose" to them, by giving them a little ring. They had so much fun!

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  1. So cute! I love that you post these blogs, I get so excited whenever I see you've got a new one. I love keeping up with your family and seeing these pictures, keep them coming!