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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

February 2014

 In the past, February was a hard month for us. Mainly because the weather was still cold and miserable, and we went a little mad staying indoors so  much. Here in Arizona, we never had that. It was beautiful! We would stop at the park almost everyday on our way home from picking the kids up from school.

 Even though the days are beautiful, the mornings still get a little chilly. Which is perfect for warm cuddles, and happy babies.

 Taysom and Brigham 9 months
Taysom: Right, Brigham: Left

 So we started tyring to get the Temple on a regular basis. So I went in February while Matt stayed out with the kids. There were a lot of delays so we ended up being there for 3 hours!! I felt so bad, they had fun at the beginning, but near the end they were antsy and ready to go home. Although if you were going to be stuck somewhere for 3 hours, the Temple is definitely a place I would consider.

 Another thing we started doing at the beginning of the year, was going on dates with our kids. In January I went with Talia, and we both got our hair done together. Then February, Matt and Aerom went

For Valentines weekend we decided to go to Sedona to get our fill of the red rock and the cool crisp air. We have one baby pack, but not two, so we decided to see if putting one of the babies in a backpack would work as a baby pack. It was a funny sight, but we decided to be more responsible parents and carry him in our arms instead.

Sedona is about an hour and a half north of us, and there are lots of cool places to explore. Our first visit was to a more well known place called slide rock. It is a cute place where they have a little apple orchard, and some old history about the orchard, and how Slide Rock came to be.  It was a little crowded but so beautiful. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and we thoroughly enjoyed the hiking and exploring. There are so many things about being up in the mountains that is healing to the soul. We love the crisp air, the smells, the scenery, the peace and the magnificence of Gods creations. We missed all of that when we were in Texas, and are so happy to be close to a place where we can enjoy all these things, all year round. 

Every rock that looked like "Pride Rock" from the Lion King, Avenlea would perch herself and Roar. It was really funny. 

Taysom making cute faces and playing in the water.
It wasn't long before they found dirt to stick in their mouths.

Some of our favorite past times were going out side and just relaxing at the park. We played lots of catch, ran lots of obstacles, had lot's of races, climbed lots of trees, and enjoyed lots of family fun.

Messy faces

The twins at this point are crawling everywhere, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that they entertain themselves pretty well. The bad thing is that sometimes that entertainment consists of ruining others fun. :) Talia, Aerom and Avenlea are really good with the twins though, and they never get mad. It is so rewarding to have kids old enough to really appreciate the cute stages babies go through.
Aerom's class had a diorama project. They went on a field-trip to the zoo and then they got to pick one animal they saw and make a diorama of that animals habitat. So we all had lots of fun figuring out what we could make it out of. Aerom chose clay.
The finished product! He actually did a really good job. I would show him how I would do it and he would then make his own. He was kind enough to let his Sisters help him. Sometimes I hate school projects, but I do like the opportunity it gives my kids to help one another and be creative.

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  1. I love your February! I think that I will have to come and visit you during that month for sure;) I also love how your kids help each other with homework and projects. They support each other so much, it's great to see.