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Monday, January 5, 2015

March 2014

Our little Brigham and Taysom have started pulling themselves up onto things and because of this, they have started to make more and more messes. Their little faces make it easy not to get too frustrated though.

Eating strawberry cream pancakes

When ever their is a pillow  on the floor, the twins run over to it and lay down every time. Here we have Brigham being a charmer, :) and Taysom pulled himself up on the Sugar bucket and is discovering textures and tastes.

Here are our boys at 10 months old. Taysom left, Brigham right.

Talia had a school project for school. It was called the Flat Stanley project. We sent Flat Stanley off to Talia's Uncle Seth and Aunt Julie. They then took flat stanley around to a bunch of different places in California so Stanley could find out about where they live and what things are there. We were so glad they helped us out with her project and it turned out really cute.

In March they had a picnic day with your child. So Matt was able to take the afternoon off and come with us to eat Lunch with Talia and Aerom at their school.

For Matt's birthday we decided to take a trip to Lake Pleasant the weekend before. It wasn't quite what we were hoping for, we hadn't been to anything like this around our acxtual area yet and so when we got there we thought there would be more trees and more of a Shore area for the kids, we drove around for some time to find something like that. We found a decent spot and tried to make the best of it. We roasted hotdogs and made S'mores. That has been the only down side to living here in Arizona. The greenery is lacking, but we have grown to love the desert.

The babies little highchairs have been our life savers. We take them almost everywhere we go. It is a great way to keep them in one place while we eat and visit. 

It was still a little cold to play in the water, but the kids were determined. They never fully immersed themselves but they Did go in to their knees and we all had fun skipping rocks.

For Christmas my Dad and Mom got us a grill. This was our fist time using it and because of this we were bound to make one mistake on our first eat out. When we got everything all set up, we realized we forgot the lighter... So for Matt's birthday ;) I got my guts and went and asked the people across the lake to see if they had a lighter we could use. They were very nice and did indeed let us. It was scary but it was worth it so we could have fun and not have to turn around and just go home.

For Matt's birthayd I got him frames for his diploma's and some Texas A&M Office trinkets like a business card holder and a Calendar. He was happy.

Matt's actual birthday was on a Monday and was so it was a little more low key. We just relaxed and enjoyed the evening.
Happy 28th birthday Matt!!

Keeping up with our little Date night with our kids. It was Avenlea's turn. We went to Walmart and bought Frozen(the movie) and she got to ride on one of those little rides that she never gets to ride on. We then went to a Frozen Yogurt place and made our own yogurt sundaes. We even fed the birds that were interested in our sundaes. :)

Every once in a while the kids like to make little forts and sleep in them.

Bike rides are some of our favorite past times.
And playing at the park. Taysom is in Dark Blue Shirt and Brigham is in the stripes. Out little boys also learned how to walk this month. Brigham was first by about 2 weeks, and then Taysom shortly caught on. I thought that being a little over four weeks early they wouldn't have walked as early, but they are my earliest walkers. 

 Happy Boys!!

Pushing the Stroller is one of the twins favorite thing to do. They would push it around all day if I let them.
Enjoying the weather!

The other thing that the boys discovered is climbing in the cupboards and getting into the bowls and pans. They get into the cupboards multiple times a day. They have even been caught climbing through the them.

Our sweet silly Aerom boy.

 Matt had a conference in Chicago and sent a picture of himself to me in one of his classes. 
 Talia brought home some of her  vocabulary work she had done at school. As I was going through her work I spotted this exercise. She had to write the vocabulary word, a sentence with an example of the word, the actual definition, and then a picture of something that describes the word. The word is "Greatest" then "Some Friends that you really like are your Greatest friends" "Much beyond the regular or ordinary" Then her picture description was of her Dad. I was so touched by this. The kids definitely look up to their Dad.

In the Friend magazine they had a recipe for bread, and an activity where we made butter by putting Cream in a jar and took turns shaking it. While shaking it we said things that we were grateful for or a blessing that Heavenly Father has blessed us with. We did this until the cream turned to butter. We then made honey butter and ate it with our bread. 

I have always had a hard time when Matt goes out of town. Not because I can't handle it, but because I miss him. However, this was the first time since the twins were born that I had to do things by myslef.  Matt has always helped me put the babies down, and so I was really nervous for bed time. I had prayed really hard that it wouldn't be too difficult. The night came and I was feeding Taysom while Brigham played around me. As I rocked Taysom I realized Brigham had gotten quite right there next to me. I looked down and he had cuddled up onto the blanket and fell asleep. While that sounds like a common occurrence, it definitely is not!  I know that this was a direct blessing from Heavenly Father. Neither of the boys have ever done that. I was shocked but also very grateful and mindful of the lords hand in my life. Even with something small like putting the babies down. He knew I was stressed about it, and He helped me through the night.

The next morning I sent pictures to Matt of each of the kids and said "good morning"

We took off one weekend and went to Tucson to see the Sonora Desert Museum. At our hotel we went swimming, but it was a little cold for swimming so we all ended up in the hot tub instead.

We then all went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse.

Breakfast at the Hotel

It was such a beautiful day. It got a little warm but never too uncomfortable, and the Spring blossoms on all the desert plants were breathtaking.

It has been fun for us to discover the different beauties of the earth. We love the beautiful Mountains and green pastures of Utah, the green rolling hills and abundance of tree's in Texas, but I never thought I would come to enjoy the Desert landscape as much as I do. It really is gorgeous!

At the Anthem Park.
Eating Funnel Cake.

Riding the Anthem train for the first time.
Taysom was a little skeptical about the tunnel. Ha Ha!